Life Coaching for Mums-to-be and Mums

Life Coaching for Mums-to-be and Mums

 Photo - Sara Wrightman - Mums-to-be & Mums Coach

Sara is the founder and inspiration behind Life Coaching for Mums-to-be and Mums. Borne out of her vast experience as a mother, teacher and journalist. Sara is a fully qualified Transformational Life Coach who dedicates her work to working specifically with Mums-to-be and Mums. Sara works with Mums-to-be from conception and beyond.

Sara is warm and empathetic in her work. She  believes that being a Mum is the most important job in the world and that it is undervalued in our society. She works passionately with you so you get totally clear about your own thoughts and feelings and you become the most confident you are able to be – so you are able to create your own vision for yourself and your child/children and make the practical steps necessary to make it become your reality.

Sara works weekdays and weekends so you are able to choose a time and day that is easiest for you in relation to your own childcare commitments.

Sara works with you to transform your life and the life/ lives of your baby/ child/ children.

Fulfilling Potentials – for Mums, Children & Teachers

Are you pregnant, have just had a baby or have a young child and all those questions are popping up in your head ……should I go back to work, I have gone back but is it the right thing to do, should I move for schools, do I need to make Mum friends so I don’t get isolated, how can I get a night’s sleep, who can I trust to look after my baby/ child, who am I now as a Mum, what can I do for me so I don’t feel

lost in all of this, why does there never feel as if there is enough time, when will it get easier, how can I simply work

out all my thoughts and feelings swirling around my head so I can take control once again of mine and my baby/ child’s life and actually live by what I love and believe??????????

All these questions and many, many more are the kinds of things that are simply part of parenting but getting the head space to work it all out so we actually live the life for ourselves and our baby/ child is very difficult.

That is why I have created ‘Fulfilling Potentials’ – a one-to-one Coaching programme aimed specifically for Mums to fulfil their own and their baby/ child’s potential. 

‘Fulfilling Potentials’ isn’t for some Mums it is for all of us and the sooner we sort out and plan how we are going to fulfil our and our baby/ child’s potential the sooner life just becomes SO much easier and actually fun!

To book your session or for an informal chat just text/call me on 07958-196043

Sara Wrightman
BA/ MA/ DTLLS/ NCTJ/ Dip in Transformational Life Coaching