Hypnotherapy & NLPhypnotherapy

Provided by Willows Health & Complementary Centre, Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) treat these common areas:

  • Losing weight – Individual and Group sessions (£10 per group session as part of a voucher)
  • Dyslexia – Adults and Children
  • Phobias – Heights and narrow spaces
  • Phobias – Public speaking
  • Insomnia
  • Confidence
  • Relaxation – Anxiety
  • Sexual issues
  • Non-smoking

Hypnotherapy Arms

What Is Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy?*

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring phenomenon in human experience. Add to hypnosis the therapeutic aspects, provided by the skills of the practitioner, and we have a viable understanding of the term hypnotherapy.

What Is Hypnotherapy Like To Experience?*

This varies from person to person but some common descriptions include ‘a state of altered awareness’, ‘day dreaming’, ‘going off somewhere else with thoughts’, ‘becoming very relaxed’. Hypnosis can involve the use of relaxation, however, it does not rely on relaxation alone in order to effect therapeutic change. When it is accompanied by relaxation, the person becomes inwardly focused, with a detached sense of the immediate reality which is comfortable and enjoyable. Above all, hypnosis is a pleasant experience.

Smoking Cessation

Why Use Hypnosis?*

It is used for the purpose of gaining greater access to the unconscious mind, than is ordinarily available when we are consciously aware. The unconscious mind is literal, childlike, (compared to the conscious mind), and is the creative part of the individual’s ability to create changes across behaviours, emotions and cognitions.


Nerea San Jose

Nerea San Jose is our Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner. She possesses a depth of experience treating the common areas above and many other issues.

Nerea is registered with the CNHC and BSCH (click on the logos for further information).

BSCH logoCNHC-AVR Quality_Mark

If you require a treatment that is not listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. Find out more about Nerea (incl. testimonials) by clicking her photo.


Late cancellation fee applies – 48hrs notice required

*Definitions courtesy of the British Institute of Hypnotherapy